Benefits of Seasonal Clean-Ups

Benefits of Seasonal Clean-Ups

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Seasonal Clean-Ups

Seasonal Clean-Ups in Woburn, MA and Beyond.

Murphy’s Law: “Nothing goes according to plan, everything takes longer than you expect, and if anything can go wrong it will, at the worst possible moment.”

We’ve all heard at least a reference of some sort to Murphy’s Law, as it so effectively made itself known in our own lives or the lives of people we know. Many of us have had an opportunity to laugh, in hindsight of course, at the foibles and misfortunes that we could directly attribute to the operational integrity of Murphy’s Law. And there are those who believe that Seasonal Cleanups ought to be letter “A” in the nearly endless list of categories where Murphy’s Law can be counted on to show itself and serve as practical proof of its existence.

Another version of Murphy’s Law: The first 90 percent of a project takes 90 percent of the time; the last 10 percent takes the other 90 percent of the time.” 

Seasonal Cleanups are the kind of task that can be particularly devious and deceptive as to how many hours it will take and the number of scrapes and scratches with which you will be covered from head to toe. Then there is the problem of the guilt you feel about the volume of much easier to accomplish, and eminently more satisfying projects you could have completed, had you but listened to the voice of self-preservation.

This is the voice that whispers to you in the softly soothing and friendly manner that is its nature. It comes from somewhere deep down inside, and it’s one and only job in life is to keep you from getting in your own way. This is its nature. It just doesn’t know how to scream at you for being such a banana-head and seriously thinking about making the same mistake you made last year, yet again this year.

If you could allow yourself to stop for just a few moments, just stop and listen to the innate wisdom that everyone possesses, the words you hear will sound familiar because you’ve heard them many times before. They are, of course, you own words, because they come from you and are based on your own personal experience. They sound like this: “Are you sure about this?” Are you sure you want to go down this road again? You know, you’ve been here before. Didn’t this job take you a day and a half the last time you attempted it, and you convinced yourself it would take no more than three to four hours? Pick up the phone and call Gerrior!”
This is the voice of reason, trying to interrupt you as you contemplate doing yet another Fall Cleanup or Spring Cleanup. It is trying to snap you out of your reverie, to keep you from thinking of all the money you would save by not having to pay someone else to come in and do the job in about a quarter of the time it will take you – and do so in a much more complete and effective manner.

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups Near Woburn, MA

The Gerrior team, people who are highly experienced in working together to produce results that are significantly greater than the sum of the parts; people who will come to your home and ensure that each plant is made ready for the offseason to come. All plants, flowers, and ground coverings, have their own peculiarities and need to be trimmed, cut, or pruned according to what they are. Our team calls on the collective experience of everyone who has ever worked for our company and brings this native knowledge with them to every clean-up they do.

As you look out over the entirety of your Greatscape, no matter how large or small it may be, your brain is playing tricks on you. You are looking at the entire property in small chunks without knowing that’s what you’re doing. You see this piece, then this piece, then this piece, and finally that piece. In and of themselves each one of these pieces is eminently doable for you, and in a time frame that you believe is reasonable. Unfortunately, you can’t see the aggregate amount of work that needs to be done, not to mention dragging everything away and putting it somewhere when you’ve finally finished, a day and a half later. This is how you trap yourself.

There is another way your brain plays tricks on you during your initial evaluation of the next seasonal cleanup, the amount of work that needs to be done, and the hours required to get it done. In the development of your plan, you need to account for the possible strategic deployment of available labor assets. That would be you and a couple of teenage children that will be essentially useless after a couple of short and mostly unproductive hours. You have most likely forgotten that the Siren Song of their Smart Phones is more powerful than their as yet undeveloped ability to resist.

Once you have embarked upon the consideration of doing yet another seasonal cleanup, it doesn’t take long before another, less friendly and somewhat more forceful voice appears. its purpose is to drown out the voice for reason. you’ve heard this one before as well. It sounds like: “This can’t be that bad! There really isn’t all that much work to do. I can do this. It will take a half day’s work at most. I’ll burn a few calories and enjoy a good feeling of accomplishment when all is said and done.”

Don’t go there! Resist this line of thinking at all costs! Do yourself a favor and pick up the phone! Call Gerrior Masonry & Landscape for a quote on the next seasonal cleanup! 

Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fact that you’ve just given yourself the precious gift of an entire day and half’s worth of life, at the cost of a Seasonal Cleanup, expertly performed by a dedicated team of Landscape Professionals! Call Gerrior Masonry and Landscape to schedule your seasonal yard clean up at 781.933.4157 or click to complete our estimate request form.